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Big weekend? Meet dug - He can handle it.

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Stays cold all day 24/7 and beyond.

Refill and reuse on all your adventures.

Happy Days. Always.

There's a dug for the whole crew.

Drinks stay cold on site all day.

Perfect for smoko.

2L Sunnyboy Orange

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Built for the big and small adventures.

Whether it's the cheeky weekend getaway or the big Aussie trip, stay hydrated with the big Sunnyboy 2L dug - he's always got your back.

2L Pitch Black

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Hard wearing, long lasting, easy grip

Go hot or go cold

Double insulated and powder coated, dug is easy to grip, drink from and hold for long pours. Sip a hot coffee or drinking an ice cold bevvy.

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2L Lime Splice

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2L Yellow Scorcher

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Tonka tough double walled stainless steel insulated.

Ready for action when you are

Your mate dug comes with a powder coat for non slip grip and no sweating, even when you are. Just remember to protect dug's head!

2L Blue Skies

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2L Navy Blue

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