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Frequently asked questions

What is a dug growler bottle?

Traditionally growlers were used to transport beer and the sound of the fizz being released along the journey, made a 'growling' sound - hence the name.

We've adapted our dug growler bottles to allow for hot or cold contents, with a powder coated exterior and double walled stainless steel. 

They are cold to the touch, no matter what you put inside, with our vacuum seal prolonging the cold or heat of the contents.

This means you can use dug for anything you like to keep hot or cold. Morning coffees or tea; protein drinks for the gym; cordial at the beach for the kids; beers at the park; wine with picnics or even cocktails.

What are dug dimensions?

The 2L Big Unit stands 295mm tall and 120mm wide (Lid on).

The 1.1L Little Big Unit stands 275mm tall and 95mm wide.

What can you put in dug?

How long does dug keep cold and hot?


How do I clean dug?

We recommend cleaning and letting dug dry after each use.

If you get spots or any hard to clean wear and tear, we also recommend using Coca Cola. Sounds crazy, but a rinse of Coke will sort out any issues you might have that standard detergent doesn't fix.

You can put dug in the dishwasher, but not sure how well it will get inside the whole bottle - dug is a simple beast and less is more when it comes to cleaning routines!