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Who is Dug?

Everyone has a Dug in their life.

That one person. You know who we mean.

All care, no frills. Big hugs, just easy.

The first with the shout. No fuss, no bull.

They remember the ice for the party, the wine and the beers.

They even come to your kid's birthday with a pressie, no hassle. 

A joke for your Mum and a laugh with your Old man.

A larrikin with a heart of gold. 

That's our Dug alright.

They'll drop you to the airport, water your plants when you're away.

Even lend you some cash when you're short.

Buy you drinks when you need a couple after a long week.

Yep, big shoulders, all ears and no judgement.

They'll sort out the snacks when you're feeling rubbish, and make you a cuppa to let you get five off your feet.

The last one standing.

They're loyal and strong.

The Legend. The Keeper.

That's My Mate Dug.