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Our story

Who is dug?

Everyone has a dug in their life.
That one person.
All care, no frills, just easy.
The first with the shout. No fuss, no bull.
They remember the ice for the party, the wine and the beers. They even come to your kid's birthday with a pressie, no hassle. A joke for your Mum and a laugh with your Old man. A larrikin with a heart of gold.
That's our dug alright.
They'll drop you to the airport, water your plants when you're away. Even lend you some cash when you're short. Buy you drinks when you need a couple after a long week. Yep, big shoulders, all ears and no judgement.
The last one standing, loyal and strong.
The Legend. The Keeper.
That's my mate dug.


How it all began...

Steve Paltos has never been a fan of paying for plastic bottled cold water. Back in his days as a landscaper in Melbourne, he'd go for the garden hose or fill up an old school thermos.

It was a trip many years later to Portland, Oregon (craft beer capital of the world) where he watched locals fill up big metal containers straight from a beer tap - that caught his attention - they were his first encounter with the 'Growler'.

He thought it was hilarious!

They were steel insulated, kept drinks cold for ages and you only had to buy the bottle once - Absolute genius. He bought one on the spot.

It kept his water cold, but it also worked for hot coffee too. It became his best mate and never left his side wherever he went. So he bought a few more for mates back home.

When they asked him what it was, he knew straight away - it was his Down Under Growler - DUG. 

And they have been best mates ever since.